Paragon Appraisal Group, LLC: Broward County's Real Estate Valuation Experts

As licensed appraisers, we possess the extensive know-how and credentials to give you the type of reliable home value opinions that banks and top lending institutions need for home loans. With years of experience behind us, we're more than ready to help our clients with anything from starter homes to the most luxurious new construction.

When an appraisal of real estate in or around Broward County is needed, trust nothing less than a licensed appraiser from Paragon Appraisal Group, LLC.
Getting a quick home valuation to help a family member make bail
Lowering your monthly mortgage payment by removing PMI
Divorce settlements when an accurate value estimate of the shared home is required
Choosing an appropriate listing price for your property
Challenging your property's assessed value if you live in an area where house prices have gone down
A bank requiring an experienced Broward County appraiser
Appraisal review: Reviewing the work of other appraisers in or around Weston, Florida
Determining market value on real estate that's part of a bankruptcy
Figuring out the market value of home improvements you may have done or are deliberating
Reporting current or past market value
Reinstating a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)




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